What Matters Most Not What We Think

Who you are and where you’re from does not matter.

What matters is what you decide from this moment on.

Isn’t that horrifyingly simple?

We are lead to believe that we are our biographies, that our past will determine our future.

Things like,

but you can’t do this because you’re from a third world country,”

or something in the lines of,

you are not made for this,” …

these dialogues are thrown at us.

But why do we accept them?

We do what everyone is doing, because we are scared.

I remember being told that I am not cut out for business. I wanted to believe them, I kid you not.

I wanted to believe them because I knew that this was the easy way out: I am not doing what I want to do because “they” said that I can’t. And I believe them. So I can’t do this. That’s why I’m not doing this.

That would have been a good enough excuse. A good enough excuse to NOT live a meaningful, fulfilling, happier life.

Just like so many of us, I was also told that it is not possible to earn honest money. I was told that to go on adventures every three months is for teenagers with nothing to do. I was told that I won’t be able to finish this because “no one in my family has ever succeeded”. I wanted to believe them because I was scared.

I remember making this one simple decision, years and years ago. I wrote down: whatever happens from this day forth, it will be because I chose it, not because others chose it for me.

That one decision changed everything. I either had to “own up” to their decision, or I had to decide what I though was best.

By God’s Ultimate, Neverending Grace, that was one of the best decisions of my life.

Listen, I don’t want to sell you dreams. I don’t want to make “living life to the fullest” as this easy thing that you have to do. It’s not.

Once you take responsibility for your actions, once you stop blaming:

  • the economy,
  • bad genes,
  • bad partners,
  • bad company,
  • bad friends,
  • bad neighbors
  • the wrong family
  • the wrong family living next door and are now friends, always hang around, and you are married to one of them…
  • etc etc etc

… once you stop pointing fingers at others, and start making your own choices, life suddenly becomes clearer.

But it also gets harder. Looking inwards, owning up to your decisions — these things are for men and women, not boys and girls.

It’s like enjoying the rain: some people run off when it rains, hiding under the shade. Some enjoy the spectacle of nature by standing still under the downpour, smiles on their faces.

But make no mistake: they will get drenched.

The drenched will look at the dry, and swear that the benefits far, far outweigh the downside. The dry will look at their neat clothes and thank God they didn’t decide to stand out in the open.

It is my decision to be drenched. What’s yours?

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

May West

Carpe Diem: A short note on death

There is this nifty little tool Carpe Diem, which gives you a statistically accurate prediction on how much time you have to live. Here’s what the data tells me about me (based on Lahore, Pakistan):

Statistically, people my age have lived more than half their lives...
Statistically, people my age have lived more than half their lives…

Of course, I can die tomorrow, or I can outlive all of us here, but like everyone, I will die. What then? Continue reading Carpe Diem: A short note on death

The Easiest Method of Accepting Credit Cards from your Customers [Doing Business Online]

Receiving online payments from your customers is not as simple as some make it sound. But it is not as complicated either.

And if you are trying to run a digital kingdom from Pakistan, then there are few more hoops that you may have to jump through.

But this is something that is fun to set up, and once you understand how the overall system works, it is going to be easy as well. God willing.

Hunting for the Perfect Camera To record adventure & business videos on

OK, so an interesting turn of events regarding the ‪#‎CameraHunt‬
I MUST decide by tomorrow which camera to get for my videos.
I wanted to first buy a ‪#‎Canon‬ 700D, used. Then a ‪#‎Nikon‬ D3200 (it actually shoots better video and is a LOT lighter and smaller — search YouTube for indepth comparison between the two).

But now I have shifted to buying a GoPro Hero4 Black. Shoots 1080p and even 4K. One of the reason I didnt consider a GoPro was because I needed to shoot a “business-like” video once a week… and I thought that the GoPro couldn’t handle it. But research shows that GoPro Hero4 Black produces great results, very polished. No depth of field, no bokeh etc, sure… but for a guy like me, a GoPro type action cam makes most sense. I know that the GoPro would be my “second” camera anyways, and I didn’t consider it seriously enough because I hadn’t seen the latest Hero4. (Thank you Kamil for the heads up on that).

But now, the ‪#‎Sony‬ Actioncam 4k is beating the ‪#‎GoPro‬ on most indept review sites. The GoPro fan boys (almost like Apple fanboys — arrgghhh!!) can be seen in the comments. But the Sony seems a better option for my adventures, interviews, vlogs and training videos because

  1. it is Sony,
  2. it is a bit cheaper and
  3. there are some manufacturing defects in GoPro that keep coming up on YouTube (search for GoPro Hero4 problems to see what I mean).

So now, I am looking for a Sony Actioncam FDRX1000-V 4K and no one is selling that in Pakistan!! Cant find a single site selling it online!!

Nisbat road here I come!? Perhaps.
“I am confused” doesn’t even come close to defining it. But I am praying, istakhara even… and am not worried. InshAllah, by tomorrow, I must decide.

Sony Actioncam 4k or GoPro Hero4 Black? Will people who sell them here offer some sort of warranty if things go wrong?


Comments, suggestions etc here.

Should You do Lucrative Work or Fulfilling Work?

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I was recently asked this question, and I quote:

“I hope you can shed some light as they are directly related to how you do what you do.

1. You earn via various means. You have a blog, sell e-books, cakes, affiliate marketing, you give speeches and talks etc. Thats great! What I want to know is, which of these would you prefer on the others, if you had to choose just one as the most lucrative source of income?

2. Please answer #1 again, this time picking the one that gives you the most overall satisfaction or a sense of achievement.

Looking forward to your response. Thank you.”


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