Hate this to the core. Focus. It makes life so easy. Hey Mister, yeah you sir, with the muffler hanging low on your shoulder, how about a little bit of this and little bit of that for a little bit of gain? No friend, not now. I have focus. There is a charm in wandering […]

It has been playing up in my mind for quite a long time, and as of yet there is no connection that I can make. It leaves this uncomfortable feeling and I don’t like it. Maybe someone here can help me? There is a TV personality here in Pakistan, Faisal Qureshi. In fact, there are […]

Just saw this website, offering email addresses at the domain taleban.org. WTH? They also ‘remove all doubts’ by telling you that this is done for fun. Some fun. You want an email address? How about yourname@taleban.org? Sounds nice, no? I am sure you can have a lot of fun this way, Hello friends, now you […]

When something’s named Intrepid Ibex, it probably is interesting, y’know. I am already pleasantly surprised; LUMS (Lahore, Pakistan) hosts a mirror site to download Ubuntu’s latest release (Intrepid Ibex). I am downloading the OS. Wish me luck.