Hamid Mir went to refugee camps in Nowshera and Mardan. These refugee camps are home to roughly ten thousand families that were displaced during the ongoing operations in our very ow Bajaur and what have you.

I did not know the conditions there are so depolorable that children are dying; three have died already, and why? Because of easily curable diseases such as Diarreha. And why was not there medicine for this disease? Because there are too many refugees and not enough supply.

It is quite easy to see where we ought to fit in.

I have started collecting money to buy medicine to supply to refugee camps north of Peshawar. Your support (by raising awareness of this issue, raising money to donate etc) is not only welcome, but is actually needed.

God bless and good luck to us all.

Hamid Mir’s show on the refugees of Bajaur (Hattip to Pkpolitics)

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