The Chrome Bug Report

This post is about the new internet browser released by Google called Chrome.

Google Chrome is still in beta of course (another eternal beta like Gmail, perhaps?)

Here are the few good things that I have found about Google Chrome:


  1. It is by Google
  2. It is minimalist i.e. it does not come crammed with features that you hardly, if at all, use. (someone go and thank 37Signals for rightly starting this trend perhaps?)
  3. It looks ‘light’, almost breezy, compared to when I fire up Firefox. (anyone here still firing up Internet Explorer should seriously consider getting Firefox. Chrome still is in its infancy, whereas Firefox is the cool, resourceful and intelligent fella’ you’d want to be friends with. Internet Explorer is the forgetful professor no doubt that not many people relate to anymore. Improve your browsing experience by downloading Firefox)
  4. It is multi-threaded. Translated into English it would mean that it stands a chance of being much, much faster than any other browser, for the time being at least (it has the capacity to use your computer’s resources most efficiently).
  5. Google Chrome is highly web-standard compliant. What this basically means is a well-rounded experience by all users of the Internet and a sigh of relief for web developers around the world. (more on Google Chrome’s standards compliance straight from CSS-horse’s mouth :P)

But Chrome is new. It is bound to have bugs. Internet Explorer is old and still has them. Google is known to produce products that are ‘out there’ when it comes to being bug-free, but a software is a software is a software.
Here are the bugs that I have found so far (I am not being technically correct here; by bugs I not only mean things that don’t act like they ought to act, but also some things that act in a way that I don’t like):

  1. It is too new 😛
  2. It does not have any extension that can possibly enhance your internet experience (Firefox is a champ at this). Extensions are planned but please refer to point 1:) .
  3. The title of the pages can not be seen. This is the most odd bug that I have found so far. Any web page title that is more than a few words long, is truncated with a ‘…’ and you are left quite clueless as to what the whole page is about. Given that blogs have posts that have descriptive title tags, this bug seems to be serious overlook or maybe I am just not getting it yet (long descriptive title tags not only for SEO, but also good for actually telling you what the page is about)
  4. There is a list of known issues over at Google’s Chrome website. One of the issues that got my attention was Google Chrome does not support SSL client authentication” to which Google has replied that “We know this and dont’t currently have a fix“.  There is also a list of issues for using Google Apps with Google Chrome. 
  5. CSS rendering issues by Google Chrome. I have so far found only one bug as identified by the web-standards expert J Zeldman (link to his post about the bug). Google Chrome’s all big about web standards which is by and far, one of its best features (I shouldn’t be talking about this great point in this list of bugs :/ )

As Chrome gets used, more bugs will get reported. And knowing Google, they will keep fixing and improving their browser (the eternal beta, I am afraid). Of course they are already set to start another round of ‘browser wars’ and Google is by any means, no lightweight. 

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6 thoughts on “The Chrome Bug Report”

  1. Google chrome is not supporting scroll bar perfectly. Using my laptop I was able to scroll down using the touch pad but I was not able to scroll up…..

  2. it’s funny, the more i use Chrome (for windows), the more unstable it seems to get… crashes a lot more, can’t handle sites with flash, hangs every time i close a tab… all that to say, i’m switching back to Firefox

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