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Universe is big.
Now, as I take my foot out of my mouth, I will let you know that Stephen Hawkins is the king when it comes to talking about space and the universe.

The modern day scientist genius, Stephen Hawking is almost completely paralyzed  (due to a long and growing illness that I can’t pronounce even upon trying – acronym is ALS). I first read one of his books The Brief History of Time as the book was gifted to me by my brother. This was eons ago it seems, but I have read the book many a times since, and have found the information extremely well laid out and easy to understand.

The awe inspiring world we inhabit is by all means nothing compared to the universe that our world inhabits.  A must read for anyone who claims to be alive.

Get the book now if you already do not own one. It is only one of the best selling books ever! 🙂

And to top it all off, CNN is now letting people ask a question to Mr. Stephen Hawkins. Head over to the CNN post and leave your questions in the comments section.

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