Ghamidi – an interview (of sorts)

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The interview with Mr. Ghamidi has been postponed till sometime this week. So keep those questions coming.

The interview is, God willing, expected to take place this coming Sunday (Sept 14, ’08), early evening. If any of you have any questions that you want to ask him directly, please either use the comments section to ask, or email me. You could expect to get the answers here God willing, by Monday evening. I will also be asking him about getting the most out of life – hacking life, so to speak – from an Islamic point of view.

The beautiful religion of Islam has left the field quite open in terms of creatively living one’s life (Tim Ferris, take note πŸ™‚ ), as I always try to be living proof of that. Sometimes, I actually succeed. πŸ™‚ God’s Grace, all of it. (this God’s Grace is what most of us call ‘luck’; I do not find luck or coincidence or chance in any of God’s scheme of things, but that’s just me)

A bit about Javed A. Ghamidi & the interview

Known to be controversial in his intrepretation of Islam, he has presented a truly unique, modern yet fundamentalist view of the religion of Islam. I am a Muslim (thankfullyΒ  πŸ™‚ ) and have found his methods of inquiry, deduction and importantly, his presentation quite unique, and many a times, on the mark.

This coming Sunday, I and a few of my friends will be visiting Mr. Ghamidi (most probably at his home) with a small list of questions, for a pre-arranged meet up. This is not an interview per se, and I am hoping that it turns out to be a fruitful discussion where we learn the most. The questions we will be asking (althoug not in a written format as of yet) are a result of our (friends) discussions amongst ourselves and our readings into the Holy Qur’an, Hadith literature and the writings of acclaimed Quranic commentators like Moudidi, M Asad and Dr. Israr.

Those who are aware of today’s political Islam will know that Mr. Ghamidi and Dr. Israr are not on the same frequency when it comes to Islam. This inshAllah, should be a learning and an interesting experience. I await your questions as well (quickly now, there is not much time left πŸ™‚ ).

I will probably be updating on twitter as well, so you can also follow me on twitter.

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14 thoughts on “Ghamidi – an interview (of sorts)”

  1. The interview of sorts was done eons ago fellas … If I get to find the answers to any of the above questions I would be sure to post here inshAllah.

    @Islam: for your fourth questions, I am certain that yes, it is very much forgivable. It is God we are talking about here, and Allah being the Mighty Forgiver can and does forgive any and every thing (ref Quran’s numerous places)- as long as one is willing to surrender to God’s will (Islam), then all is cool. God guide & forgive us all.

  2. Asalam o alikum,

    I have few question and will be very obliged if you answer them just briefly.

    Q1. If i have invested as partial down payment on property like shop or apartment and rest is bank finance and still waiting to get occupancy because its not completed is there still zakat on it?

    Q2. I have plots in gawader and you know the situation of property there, there is no demand on any price what will be they zakat calculation if i have to pay or i am exempted.

    Q3. Can i pay zakat with my interest money?

    Last very important.

    Q4. If any one did ZANA but both were agreed is there any forgiveness? or after doing this now they want to get marry, what will you say about.

    Allah app ko humesha khush rakay (amin)

  3. Yeah,Mr.Ghamidi is not only most civilized but most authentic religious scholar and learned man in Pakistan–Just consider a person spending more than 35 years of life among books n research,and doing this without being in proper systems like university or research groups ;….

    One of Javed Ghamidi Sb, programme with title “Wajood-e-Bari Kaay Dalail” also available on his website, is a masterpiece and is enough to determine his calibre and knowledge superiority !

    It seems u already have met with him , can you upload his interview?


  4. @Faisal: yes, they are relevant questions. Mr Ghamidi did do a job as a teacher (in Government College, I think). Although I did not ask questions regarding his personal life as inquired by you, but I did gather this much from his talk with me and my friends.

    all in all, he is the most civilized scholar I have come across (I have come across a few).

  5. Can you also ask some personal questions about Javed Ghamidi such as about his family background, daily routine, kids, how he managed to earn bread n butter (as it is known he never did any sort of job)etc

    Thanks a lot

  6. Mansur – you are asking why is he controversial… perhaps the person who changed the channel will be in a better position to tell you the emotional side of this controversy (as there is only one side of any controversy of this nature, and that is the emotional type πŸ™‚ ).

    The concept of predestination and free-will are two different things altogether. Predestination is a testament to the knowledge of God, i.e. He knows the future. This ‘extreme’ knowledge of God, that belongs only and only to Him, is what is called Destiny, or Predestiny, or Fate, Qismat, Taqdeer etc.
    Our job is to choose the right. Logic and Quran are in sync; thanks to our oh-so-educated elders who got degrees only to get accepted it seems, we got to grow up with the ever confusing concept of predestination. A lot has been written on the fatality of such a concept. Allama Iqbal has written extensively on it as well. (he reminded us that taqdeer as we consider it, is for plants, not humans! we have a concious! our ‘game’ is different πŸ™‚ ).

    And no, I am not preaching here, Mr. know-it-all I am not. (against popular belief πŸ™‚ ). I only paraphrase here things that made sense then and make sense now.

    But nonetheless, I will ask this question, put this forward ‘inshAllah’ and will post the answer here. \

    Note: Mansur, Heres hoping that we have ample time to talk in detail – we inshAllah are meeting him today πŸ™‚

  7. Hello,

    I just happened to see this guy on tv the other day and someone shut him off because she said he’s too controversial. I asked her why and she was so mad, she didn’t tell me why. Could someone tell me why he’s controversial.

    I have two questions which perhaps you could raise.

    1. Is our life predestined, or do we have free-will? If God is all knowing, and has pre-destined our life, then we have no free-will, right?
    2. What assurance of salvation do we have we will get into heaven? I am tired of listening to “inshallah”…do we have any assurance we will get to heaven? or do we have to wait to find out on Judgment Day when our deeds will be weighed on a scale?



  8. Minhaaj, your sentiments are shared by many, I assure you. πŸ™‚

    As always, I am hoping to inch closer to the truth. ‘Sir Ghamidi’ is nothing short of controversial, for sure. But you mention the women rights bill in a sarcastic manner. Fill me in on that please; why is the womens rights bill that bad, if bad at all?

    Thank you for sharing though.
    God bless,

  9. great now we are going to listen to people like Ghamidi. Thanks for the women rights bill Sir Ghamidi. we’ve had enough of you.

  10. Well, that is the idea. I will be taking a video camera with me, but don’t know if that will ruin the informality of the whole thing.
    I don’t have a friggin’ voice recorder, doyou-baleee-dat!

  11. Is there any way you could record this talk session? Perhaps on video or just audio? It would be so much more interesting to listen in on the conversation.

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