Oh. My. God.

Hamid Mir has only recently begun to inspire me, thanks to his coverage of Bajaur refugee camps that was a direct result of me and my friends creating The Helpers Foundation (http://blog.momekh.com/helpers/) and raising an odd PKR 150,000 so far. But this post is not about helping people. It is about something else. It is about political weakness – nay – about moral cowardice of our leaders perhaps. Perhaps. It is now too complicated to call. Has been for quite some time, regardless of what your newspapers’ op-eds have us believe.

Hamid Mir in this interview has said more than I would expect any journalist of any cadre to say on air; ‘we have lost the area of Pakistan’. ‘I challenge the president to try to visit the Bajaur areas by road, any minister can not visit these areas, the area is not in Pakistan anymore’. ‘The Pakistani army is not even touching the taliban, it seems that they are just killing the innocent farmers and civilians to get more grants from America.’ ‘Wherever there are talibans – and there are talibans over there – the army is not attacking those areas.’

An open challenge by Hamid Mir. ‘All of them [govt officials, Americans + army] are fooling us. The biggest fraud there ever was, bigger than Eastern Pakistan. I challenge them to show me a single taliban killed by these operations’.

This video is a must, must watch:

hat-tip to Teeth Maestro for this excellent piece of heart-felt commentary.

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4 thoughts on “Oh. My. God.”

  1. Why don’t you get geonews in chicago, btw?
    And besides, this is not GeoNews… I guess this is the power of the web.
    Hey, why don’t you join in the party so-to-speak? I have a few blogs that NEEDS someone like you 🙂

  2. Thanks moody for putting this up. We don’t get geonews and are always starved for information like this. This was truly a heartbreaking eye opener.

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