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I have an Intel motherboard (a.k.a. desktop board). A few days ago, while formatting and installing my PC, I installed the motherboard drivers (including sound and ethernet drivers) through an Intel Express Installer CD. All worked fine. Then, thanks to a faulty HDD, I had to reinstall everything. 

And this time around as well, EVERYTHING worked smoothly, by God’ Grace. Except one cute little yellow exclamation mark on the High Definition Audio driver on the Windows Device Manage list.  It is this friggin’ audio driver that is giving me hell. 

The Express Installer will not start. It installed the other drivers, including the Ethernet Controller and some other Audio device drivers. But apart from the occassional beep from the PC, there is no sound on my computer. None whatsoever. Half of the software that I want to install does not install, saying that audio device needs to be present on the system for the software to work. Bye bye videography, see ya You Tube, ciao my songs, ciao. 

I have tried everything I can think of. And everything the people on the Internet can think of! Yes, that is a big claim, but surprisingly my problem has happened before to other souls as well, but there is no solution! Express Installer gives the error that ‘The application failed to initialize successfully – (E0441203)’. If I try to install the audio software through Add/Remove programs, it goes to 90 percent, making you think that the driver is now finally getting installed. But DA-DING! Can not install driver! cryptic-message-giver-son-of-a-bitch. There is no solution on the Net. Posts as old as 2006 are left unanswered. Search for the error reveals hardly 10 results, all of them unanswered. 

Then I went to Intel’s website. It took me at least 5 steps to actually find the support section. It took me another 7 steps to find out about my chipset identification. Then, after filling out all this information, I was given one text line to fill out my ‘problem’. What the hell! One text line? I am hurting here folks, and one line? Intel inside, & idiot on the website or what?  Why would someone fill out a technical form? To tell you, the folks at Intel, about the problem. So you can help out. And one line? The form tells you to ‘briefly’ state the problem. Ha. The internet is much more helpful when it comes to brief problems with brief solutions. I only contacted you because the problem seems quite specific. 

After asking me if I have checked the Intel’s website for answers, the form told me that in all probabilities, the answer is in our online knowledge base, and you will get the answer to your question in the form of a link to that knowledge base article. It almost succeeded in making me feel Intel inside, had it not been the line that if the answer is not there, then you can ‘escalate’ the issue to an actual human being. YAY!

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5 thoughts on “Intel’s website & installations”

  1. Thanks to robin!
    I’ve tried some setups, but didn’t think I must ‘dig’ so deeply.
    On my CD :

    Thanks again!

  2. Hey PJ, I feel the pain friend, for sure.
    In fact, yes, Intel have replied with a looong email with different things that I can try. There is no solution ‘as such’.
    BUT BEHOLD! I have found a solution. I tried it and now at least the sound problem is gone. But you already know what I did, don’t you? 🙂
    Reinstall windows. Reinstall with Intel Express Installer. This time it for some reason, just worked.

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