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Strangely, I have installed the damn operating system more than 5 times in the last thirty days. Not that the Win XP SP3 is possibly the most stable OS by Windows, but because I have had to do it so many times over.

Well nothing strange as such about it; like I mentioned on my Twitter log, I am on a friggin’ roll it seems! The hard disk by Seagate failed me. The 160 GB HDD had only been in service for not more than 5 months. I put aside my plan to get it replaced under warranty as I am short on time. Frustrated, I bought a new one (Western Digital 250 GB), and what do I get when I install Windows XP SP3 on it?

First the Intel board just will not play any sound. Then, hardly a day into the game, I get the “Click. Clickclick, tickclick click” sound. Clicking sound from a hard disk means the beginning of the end.

That basically meant that the media of the hard disk was being grinded by the head that reads the data off of the media. So it makes this peculiar clicking sound. No problem, the cool-headed me thinks, and I send it off to get replaced under warranty. In the meanwhile, I take my old Seagate HDD to the Vatican city of everything digital, Hafeez Center. A guy who knows a guy knew this guy who found the problem; the HDD was burnt so no warranty replacement. “I will get it fixed,” he says. I listen. 1500 rupees later, the HDD is working.

Thinking that my ‘bad phase’ is nearing completion (it started with the Intel board not accepting its own installer and giving weird error messages so mysterious that even Saint Google didn’t know the secret to it), I install win xp sp3 for the nth time and get on with my designing and blogging and writing. I was actually getting into the grove; blogstarta was looking good, car advice was up and running it seems, there was some activity at treetech and thelahoretribune seemed promising.

Then LESCO jumps in. Hard.

Starts 12 hours worth of load shedding. Yes, that is half of the day, I know. They do it one hour after every hour, ensuring that my investment into three UPS’s for home and office is violently flushed down the toilet (As I type this, the lights have gone out again, taking with them my connection to the Internet – I am on a PC that is on a UPS; the UPS can not charge the batteries to full capacity in the one hour it is given by our dear load shedding company – better save this in notepad (as have not yet re-re-re-installed MS Word in this installation of Win XP) -and yes, I just used brackets within brackets; sue me).

It has now taken me not less than 16 hours to post this online, thanks to none other than LESCO. Riots are breaking out in different areas of Pakistan in consequence to the protests against different government bodies responsibile for supplying electricity. I am sure the Americans (CIA), the Indians (RAW) and Mossad (Israel) are having a field day with the rioting.

Anyways, back to work.

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