Going ballistic

I have been neglecting a sizeable part of my life for quite some time now.

The Net.

Oh I have been on the damn thing for ages. Given that I like to write, I am naturally drawn towards the whole blogging thing. (Blogstarta being the newest addition).

I am currently creating and revamping websites that I control as a jaalamaster :) (Jaala is Urdu for ‘web’). As I have hardly been a webmaster for my clients (I have been an online service provider of sorts), the 15 or so websites that I own are creating bit of a problem. And given that I treat all other businesses as exactly that, businesses, I need to treat my ‘online presence’ as a business as well, which I must confess, I have not been doing so lately (read: for the last 8 years :/ ). And that in itself, I feel, is the lamest thing I have done in a while.

Now, I hope, this will change. For the unfolding of this saga (oye hoeyyy), stay tuned. (zzZzzzZzz)

Are you in?

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I believe that there is a better way of living our lives, where work is not boring, where I have the time to spend with my family, my friends, my communities. A life that I look forward to living, a life of adventure. You in?

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