What have become of us

I really do not know if the title is written in correct English. I also don’t care.

And therein lies the problem; I, like you, do not care. Not about my grammatical prowess, but about pretty much anything. Yes, we complain and bitch about things that annoy and frustrate us and this may pass off as an ‘I-care’ attitude. But it’s not.

Giving-a-damn means more than giving just a damn. Take, for example, the state of our piece of land. The country of Pakistan suffers daily and there is nothing you can do about it. Sure, you sometimes feel that something ‘should’ be done about it and in comes the complaining and the bitching.

“Zardari has ruined us further”

“I can’t work with 12 hours a day load-shedding”

And my favorite:

“We were better off with Musharraf”

Wishful thinkers, all of us. Complainers and bitchers, all of us.

Here’s what I reckon: one loses the right to complain, even opinionate about something if he or she does it him or herself. For example, you bitch endlessly about the bribes our police force takes and the moment you are caught at a random check post with no papers on you, out comes Jinaah saab to the rescue. You are pathetic. You have no right to complain. The only right you have, as the last resort, is that of ‘advice’. You smoke, stop blabbing about second-hand smoke, but do advice your friend or cousin to not start. Advice, yes; Opinions and rants, shut the hell up.

People complain about Pakistan, they say emotionally knotted things, they blame the ‘typical Pakistani’ for corruption, cheating and you name it. Those same losers, given the chance given half a chance would jump with arms friggin’ wide open to corrupt and cheat.

Ha, you are all the same.

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I believe that there is a better way of living our lives, where work is not boring, where I have the time to spend with my family, my friends, my communities. A life that I look forward to living, a life of adventure. You in?

2 thoughts on “What have become of us”

  1. @sami: oye!
    diesel pee kar nahi parhna tha na 😛
    Please re-read to get the context…it is not about complaining, it is about an attitude. But I accept your bongee as a valid comment as this shows you are friggin’ alive or at least your ghost has decided to haunt me; either way, I am cool with it.
    I did try to call you quite a few times, only to find out KK has given me the wrong number. bunderful.

  2. you have written endlessly about our hypocratic behaviours and yet in the end you said <<<>>>> not we are all the same as you are no different, you too are complaining and bitching about others.

    dont worry about it, we are all the same 🙂

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