You are an artist.

You like technology very much, not because it has code in it, but because it is the design of it that appeals to you.

Doesn’t mean that artists can not or do not write code (Any WordPress fan would know that code is poetry). The design of technology is quite intriguing in fact, and not just from an ergonomics point of view. Algorithms are designed, then coded. It requires creativity, which in turn requires lateral thinking i.e. artisitc.

Scientists are artists as well, obviously. They imagine and pursue and adjust and adapt, all traits of an artist. In the end, they create. Again, artistic.

I have a very simple definition for Art

Anything that can be reproduced is science, everything else is art

I don’t intend to defend the above statement. πŸ™‚

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3 thoughts on “Artists”

  1. O. My. God.
    What a brilliant take, Talha!
    But repetition, in the context, is not a bad thing, it becomes a requirement in fact. In fact, just look at what the ‘properties’ of hormones make the opposite genders of the same species do!! This is science, is repeition. Gels in quite nicely with my take on emotions like Love i.e. love is a verb, an emotion like anger etc. A controllable, ‘reproducible’ state of mind.

    The Art is your inner self of course. That never was and never can be repeated, or reproduced. Heck, even science proves that you are unique; just look at your thumbprint, your retina scan or your DNA (etc etc).
    Your choices are your brush strokes and your environment is your canvas. Paint my friend, paint.


  2. So research is art and operations is a science.

    Adam was art and all of us are science.

    Oh boy, oh boy…

    We’re loh-e-muqarar.

    A mere repetition.

    I’m such a waste of blood and bones and flesh and science…

    You’ve made me sadder.

    Now look what you’ve done!!!

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