Lahore Bloggers Meetup

The Lahore Bloggers Meetup was held on the 23rd of Nov, 08. Organized by Google Pakistan and CIO Pakistan, the event was able to pull upto 100 people from Lahore, and as mentioned by ‘the Google guy’, all through one Facebook page and three days worth of effort.

A well attended event no doubt. I enjoyed every bit of it, although I was an hour late :/

My Blogstarta initiative can perhaps take some ‘advisors’ on board. Anyways, here are the pictures:

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2 thoughts on “Lahore Bloggers Meetup”

  1. OOoooh! I can see inverted logo again or just flipped. Where that tea party picture came from. They said that there will be tea but they handed us over the RED BULL.

    Anyways. That was a nice event. Thought provoking, enlightening. A new journey started. Young bloggers, old bloggers, hidden bloggers, successful bloggers from all over the Pakistan came along. That was marvelous.

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