‘Hey, I need to see that report on our x project.’

‘Sure, let us meet at 3 and talk over it.’

Meet? No one said anything about meeting. I need that report and that is pretty much about it. I just need to look at it and decide and get things done. Nothing to ‘talk over it’, we are not ‘going through’ the report. I said I just wanted to see the damn thing.


What are meetings?

The most suitable adjective for meetings will be overrated

People want to do a meeting for practically everything. Hence, nothing gets done when it is supposed to get done. The corporate world is so infested with this mindset that it is quite unbelievable really. But the good companies are way ahead of the curve. They have understood the place for meetings and apply it successfully. Meetings are not be confused with passing or getting information – as emails and other means are more than enough for that.

A friend works in one of the largest and one of the most successful telecom companies in the world. He is a project manager there. You know how often they have a meeting? Once a week. And that is when the project employs thousands of people with issues escalating out of the woodwork. Once a week is enough to get the client, the vendors and all other stakeholders on the same level playing field. 

I personally have a gripe or two with ‘meetings’. (as you have probably figured out by now)

I now feel quite comfortable telling my prospective clients (for Momekh&Co and Feztrick) that I will not be available for meetings, especially the ones that get called on whim. I have had dismal level of success so far.

And I say that with all the respect one can muster. And for good reason; if people want work to be done on time and with a higher level of quality, they must – and I mean must – learn to let go of the ‘let us meet’ dialogue. The One Minute Manager should be required reading for anyone who dares to be called a manager, let alone a business owner. Let your offices and coffee houses be used for more important things like pushing paper and catching up on your caffine fix. 

More proof and resources on this ‘attitude’ later, God willing, as I have to rush to meeting right now. 

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