Running after clarity

Thinking that clarity will be the answer to my questions can be a problem.

But only time will tell.

Seeking out clarity, I believe, will lead to a well-defined route. Clarity will give me the much-illusive simplicity. I believe that you get what you go after, so your ‘it is not that simple’ line will not work; it is simple, as simple as you make it.

Earning money. How much? And for what?

This question has once again started to bug me. Nay, it has plauged me. But this time, the problem is different.

Remember, money is a means to an end. Remember, money is a means to an end. One more time; remember, money is a means to an end.

Clarity will come once you find out what that ‘end’ is. You can define it word per word, process per process or you can have a fair idea of what that end looks like. The clarity will help you choose your route, not your end. The end will be chosed by how you choose to live your life.

I want to earn money. Not from one source, but from many. A little from here and there makes more sense than a lot from just here, if you know what I mean.

I find the idea of earning money just for the sake of earning money a non-worthy objective. What are you earning your money for? For whom? The answer to that question is the real deal, the real reflection of your objective. An answer that ‘I am earning because you are supposed to’ takes away that very clarity that I am running after. So it has been, and is, by God’s Grace, unthinkable for me to do something and tell myself that I am doing it to earn, period. That ‘something’ has to pass quite a few tests.

Clarity is therefore, quite important.

That will come when I find my passion. I have been able to wrap a business around many of my interests, by God’s Grace. My idea of earning money – business or job – is to serve some other purpose. It seems that I have to find that purpose to find the required clarity.

Are you clear on your objective?

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I believe that there is a better way of living our lives, where work is not boring, where I have the time to spend with my family, my friends, my communities. A life that I look forward to living, a life of adventure. You in?

4 thoughts on “Running after clarity”

  1. @Niche: I almost ignored your comment, thinking it is spam 🙂 (due to the link:P )
    It is great, in fact, and quite rare that one finds the clarity that you have found. It tell you who you are. Now, the next obvious question should not be ‘am I happy with what I am as reflected in my objective?’ … no, the questions rather should be, ‘what is a better way? a better objective than this one?’. It is this very repeated questioning that was bugged me when I wrote this post.
    Of course, I make it sound so mechanical, but from a more human (not humane, but human 🙂 ) perspective, I think that is main requirement, ‘know what you are going after, so you know what you can gain and what you can lose’.

    People run after money all their lives, to eventually find out that it was not worth it. People immersing themselves in other, more ‘engaging’ activities feel more at peace. hmmm….

  2. Wow, you have quite a way with words! I love this post, because I have been asking myself that same question lately. However, I think I finally have my clarity. It is decided that I am trying to “earn money” so that I can tell everyone else that I finally did it. So in essence, I am trying to earn money for approval.

    When I put it that way, not really sure that’s the best reason to do something, but hey, at least I have my clarity. 🙂

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