Membership Mastermind by Yaro Starak has me!

Is that even correct English? If you know me, you know I really don’t care, as long as you understood what I meant. Which you did, so, moving on…

I have many mentors, most of them do not know they have taught me so much. And like so many things, I have tagged them as to what I expect to learn from them. For example, Richard Branson have not taught me how to go about doing business, but how to go about the business of business. Making sense? 

Likewise, there was a person from Australia, a certain Brendon Sinclair, that taught me about the business of web design. As with Branson, Mr. Sinclair, I am sure, does not remember who I am and where I am from and what have I done with what he has knowingly and unknowingly taught me. But I remember that before I read Brendon Sinclair’s “The web design business kit”, I used to charge PKR 12,000 for offering my web design services, and after reading that, I charged triple that amount and got paid. A very distinct lesson on perception and market testing was learnt from Brendon Sinclair, although I paid PKR 11,000 (earned through web design business 🙂 ) for the business kit to supposedly learn about the web design business. (Note: I made that 11,000 back in the first client that came after I had hardly glanced over the kit).

It was with the same expectation that I have joined – only recently – Yaro Starak’s Membership Mastermind program (click here for more info). Now this is the most expensive bit of ‘investment’ for me since like, ever! It has a price tag of USD 297 per month, for three months, and that is expensive by many standards. I do not expect to make triple that amount (I expect to make much more! God willing 🙂 ).

Yaro Starak has made a nice niche for himself, through his membership sites that he has set up. According to Yaro – and simple maths – one can be making as much as USD 100,000 per year easily. Yaro has also put up his travel pictures (click here to see them for yourself) and what not to convince people like me that he has the lifestyle to suggest that he has made it when it comes to membership sites. (BEWARE: There are tons of people out there, making claims of income much bigger than Yaro’s, only if you buy their product. Yaro is no different in trying to impress people by showing his lifestyle to buy his product, but one thing that he has which others simply do not is credibility – at least as far as I am concerned – I have been following his blog for more than a year now, I guess. Besides, I did not pay him money only because he had a good sales page 🙂 ).

Out of the total 7 or so modules, I have gone through three of them – and I must say, like all of the mentors before, much of what Yaro is saying is basic common sense. But I also pretty much guarantee, it is the kind of common sense that is not so common after all. 

For more information, do check out the program. More updates on the why’s and the how’s, God willing, coming soon. 🙂

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