Why you can’t make the world a better place

When you don’t know my friend, you just don’t know.

How can I explain to a friend that I am not a better writer than him because of my superior writing skills, but simply because I tried and he did not, regardless of my ability to write. As the world would have it, if you are published than you get to be taken as a good writer, whereas almost all published writers will agree that their writing is not ‘the best’ per se, they just try harder at being a writer than most people.

And that is why you can’t make the world a better place.

No matter what you think of the world and how it can be made better, no matter how long a discussion you’ve had with your cousins sitting in the comfort of your couches and no matter how clever and grand you know your idea is, you will not change the world because you, like so many good writers who have never written more than their names, just have not tried.

If you are not bold enough to actually act out on your ideas, to do what you think rather be done, then what is the difference between you and everyone or everything that you disapprove of or straight-out despise?

Remember, always, always, remember: the world belongs not to the smart but to the bold. It surely does not hurt if you prefer smart work over hard work, but you are not going anywhere fast if you do not act.

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I believe that there is a better way of living our lives, where work is not boring, where I have the time to spend with my family, my friends, my communities. A life that I look forward to living, a life of adventure. You in?

6 thoughts on “Why you can’t make the world a better place”

  1. @Nabeel: true, true. People place a lot of importance on the intention of one’s act, so much so that they end up being content with ‘just good intentions’ and no action.
    and judging from your smile, I can’t really say ‘why so serious?’ now can I ? 😛

  2. I’ll add my one of the favourite quote from a movie (The Batman)
    “It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you”

  3. Do come often, Umer. And thanks.

    But optimism is just a perspective. 🙂
    God guide and help us all and let’s hope our “delusions of grandeur” 🙂 gets more realistic as we keep acting on what we think is right.

  4. That was quite optimistic. I like it and I agree with it. I think even the conversation with a kid can be cause to bring about a change in the world, no matter how meager it is.

    I like your blog, by the way. Reason being your optimism.

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