Monthly Archives: October 2009

I am not proud to be a Pakistani

That is a powerful line, that. “I am not proud to be a Pakistani” sends a very strong message indeed. If I say this, you are thinking, “OK so this guy is sick of one or the other aspect of the society that we all feel bad about. And has taken his feelings perhaps a […]

Will Amazon’s Kindle fight back?

Amazon has been lazy, has been slow. The Kindle was introduced with the dinosaurs it seems, yet only recently was it upgraded to include countries other than the US. Fantastic, because I would finally be able to take my book-skimming habits with me – well, not so fast, the damned thing STILL does not work […]

Keyboards are on the way out, seriously

Let’s get one thing clear, the keyboard is not a good thing. It doesn’t matter if I can type at a million words per minute, which obviously I can, the bottom line is: it is not ‘natural’. Before you go all Darwin on me with this, what I mean by ‘natural’ is that the keyboard […]

Going solo in Pakistan

Freelancing in Pakistan is something that is very much underrated because it is very much misunderstood. As per definition of the word itself, a ‘freelancer’ is one who: … sells services to employers without a long-term commitment to any of them To be a freelancer, you don’t need a degree. Starting from the PKR 300 […]


Being scared is easy, just try something new. I have been scared.  A lot. I never thought I could do that I just did do. I tried. But I did it only because what I attempted was easy, just like everything is once you’ve done it. But before that, it seems so worthy, so magnificent, […]