Zardari’s Twitter Account

No, he doesn’t have one. And if he does, he has not been public about it.

twitter_zardariObama set the standards for using the new media in a Political context to its fullest. Facebook account, Youtube account, Twitter account and what have you… everywhere you saw a Obama presence. But that was before he got elected and it was neatly pulled off, this image of ‘newness’ that Obama so dearly held on to. I wonder what would our politicians do online. How many of the Zardaris and the Sharifs would it take to explain to the ‘ruling class’ what an online presence really means.

“No sir, no one called you a Twitter, it is this application … er… it is this website, this page that on which you tell your followers what you are doing. Yes sir, you can have followers. They may or may not vote for you. No sir, the fact that you have followers does not make you a leader.”

I get a kick out of imagining say, Zardari or Nawaz Sharif, updating his twitter status. What would he say and what could he possibly be doing?

Whatever new trend crops up, our politicians are usually the last to know, much like parents. And like parents, they do give a damn about us. This is not unconditional love, like parents, but their love is directly tied to our capability to vote for them. You can’t vote, you don’t get no love baby. Welcome to democracy.

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