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I recently subscribed to the daily Business Recorder newspaper (a Pakistani national paper), in an attempt to get the latest in business news that help someone like me. I found the newspaper more than dismal as I, being an entrepreneur, and working in the (very) small and medium industry, did not find the newspaper as helpful as I’d hoped. I am not much concerned with the affect of stock markets on the national economy, nor the implications of some legislation on the country-wide situation on the availability of sugar. I wanted something more local and more concrete, something that talks directly to someone who qualifies as an entrepreneur (I found out quite later into the game that I am an entrepreneur actually). I am sure that there are many others out there in Lahore itself. I want my blog to represent this gap, and be a resource for the Pakistani entrepreneur. Of course, entrepreneurship being an attitude (definitions coming soon God willing), many of the subsequent posts on this blog will equally be ‘talking to’ any entrepreneur in any part of the world.

Had I been a businessman, I would have subscribed to a trade magazine. As an entrepreneur, I find it more riviting to hunt for new ideas and opportunities: the unavailability (as opposed to the shortage) of sugar, for example, presents an opportunity of business for anyone who can provide a steady, if not ample, supply of sugar to any shopping center within a reasonable rate. A businessman involved in the business of textile, for example, will not be bothered with such opportunities. And that, to the best of my limited knowledge, is the real difference between a businessman and an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur, at an given time, can be behaving like a businessman when he is focusing on only one enterprise, and a businessman can be acting like an entrepreneur if he is looking to diversify his business, or expand in other markets etc. Yes, the conclusion that I am trying to get at is that there is a very clear difference between a businessman and an entrepreneur. It is this very difference that allows for an entrepreneur to work seamlessly as an employee and work on his or her ideas to generate some returns.

In fact, entrepreneurship is very much a wholesome approach to life itself. The creativity and action-oriented attitude of a good entrepreneur is very much a desirable situation to be in (or to work towards).

My blog, LifeETC, will now be focusing on this very spirit from now on. I will be ‘reporting from the trenches’ in the coming weeks, inshAllah, and I hope to learn a lot of new methods of improving one’s quality of life by being a better entrepreneur. Hope you guys stay tuned.
(your feedback, at all times, will be appreciated)

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