Monthly Archives: April 2011

Who Is A Starta?

The words keep changing. They get institutionalized. They start to carry more meaning than they initially started off with. Like the word ‘entrepreneur’. Used to mean, “people who shift resources from areas of low productivity to areas of higher productivity”. People who effectively managed efficiency. Now it means anyone who is self-employed. Anyone who owns […]

Helping Others and Making Money

What does a policeman, a school principal and an entrepreneur have in common? We’ll come back to this question later in the story. Meet Zaheer Shah. He works a government job here in Punjab, Pakistan. A policeman, ranked Constable. He is paid a whopping 19,000 rupees (about 200 US $) per month, and looks the […]

Internet Marketing: Earning My First 1,000 US Dollars

You will learn how to earn your first 1,000 US Dollars online, because I am going to show the exact system I used. The first step is the hardest, and I have taken it Alhumdulillah.