The Friday Refresh, March 2012

Ready to refresh? Here are some links I have curated for you over the previous few weeks.

The following is a refresh list of things that the modern businessman, entrepreneur, starta or the awesome person that you are may find helpful. Continue reading The Friday Refresh, March 2012

The Seduction of Talent

His walk is a swagger because he knows he’s got it. He doesn’t try hard because he doesn’t need to. He can make your efforts look like child’s play, that’s how good he’s at it. People say he’s the best, people say he will be the best, people say he knows his craft.

She walks with a ton of humility on her shoulders. She tries hard to be the best. She knows that soon, her efforts will outshine someone else’s mere talent. People say she’s not good at it, people say she should do something else, people say she is a joke. Continue reading The Seduction of Talent