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reasons to quit my job

7 Reasons to Quit Your Job and 1 Reason Not To

Do not share this post on your company’s network, your boss may find out. If you are a boss, then you should be comfortable that the following reasons do not apply to your employees, and to test that assumption, you can share it. You have been warned. Doing a job is OK. I know a […]

Start Business with No Money

How to Start A Business Without Money

You have this wonderful idea for a business. You get excited. You work out the details. Oh, this is going to be it. You are already deciding how to spend the profits; travel to that beautiful location, buy the awesome gadget – you even write down the percentage you’ll be giving to charity. Then reality hits. You […]

Your Most Important Story

This is The Most Powerful Story You’ll Ever Hear

From ancient traditions to worldwide religions, from cultural values to family traditions, stories are the primary mode of communication, of transference. You are what you are because of the stories that you end up believing. You got a pair of Nikes? Possibly because you believe the story of ‘doing it’ or ‘making it count’. If […]