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The idea behind LifeETC is to help you live a life of adventure. The strategy is to gain financial independence through micro-businesses – including online business. And then using the immense free time that you will have to build and serve your own communities and do meaningful work.

Who you are and where you’re from does not matter.

What matters is what you decide from this moment on.

Isn’t that horrifyingly simple?

We are lead to believe that we are our biographies, that our past will determine our future. Things like, “but you can’t do this because you’re from a third world country,” or something in the lines of, “you are not made for this,” … these dialogues are thrown at us.

Whatever the running excuse is in your culture, we accept them as fact. We do what everyone is doing, because we are scared and because we end up believing that we can not do this.

I remember being told that I am not cut out for business. I wanted to believe them, I kid you not. I wanted to believe them because I knew that this was the easy way out: I am not doing what I want to do because “they” said that I can’t. And I believe them. So I can’t do this. That’s why I’m not doing this. That would have been a good enough excuse to not live a meaningful, fulfilling, happier life.

Just like so many of us, I was also told that it is not possible to earn honest money. I was told that to go on adventures every three months is for teenagers with nothing to do. I was told that I won’t be able to finish this because “no one in my family has ever succeeded”. I wanted to believe them because I was scared.

I remember making this one simple decision, years and years ago. I wrote down: whatever happens from this day forth, it will be because I chose it, not because others chose it for me.

That one decision changed everything. I either had to “own up” to their decision, or I had to decide what I though was best.

By God’s Ultimate, Neverending Grace, that was one of the best decisions of my life.

Listen, I don’t want to sell you dreams. I don’t want to make “living life to the fullest” as this easy thing that you have to do. It’s not. Once you take responsibility for your actions, once you stop pointing fingers at the economy, at bad genes, at bad partners, bad company, bad friends, and start making your own choices, life suddenly becomes clearer. But it also gets harder. It’s like enjoying the rain: some people run off when it rains, hiding under the shade. Some enjoy the spectacle of nature by standing still under the downpour, smiles on their faces. But make no mistake: they will get drenched.

The drenched will look at the dry, and swear that the benefits far, far outweigh the downside. The dry will look at their neat clothes and thank God they didn’t decide to stand out in the open.

It is my decision to be drenched. What’s yours?

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.May West

Hello, peace & salaam u alaikum dear stranger.

I am Momekh and am your host here. I welcome you to the edge.

Quote by Rumi on every mortal tasting death but not everyone tasting life

Too many suggestions out there are based on conjecture and just theories presented as facts! Not here. Haven’t we received enough advice from people who themselves have not done the things they’re talking about?

That’s why the content on LifeETC by Momekh is based on experience. The strategies and tactics are and will be applied in real life, experimented with and reported “as is”. God willing.

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About Momekh

LifeETC by Momekh Community meetup

I am a blogger and a serial entrepreneur from Lahore, Pakistan. I am an adventurer from Lahore. I want you to quit your job and start your own adventure.

You want to take your idea, your case, your product to more people, I help you become an independent publisher online. The mechanics are widely different than “making money with blogging” and the rewards are much, much more meaningful and long-term.

I started this blog in early 2011 with the intention of helping people get self employed.

I think there is a better way of starting, owning and running a business. Having started businesses online and offline, I share what I learn. Hope you find the strategies and tactics useful in your own conquests and queries.

Some facts:

  • I have been self-employed my whole life. By God’s Grace, I started working for myself while still at college. Have started quite a few projects since.
  • I study businesses and marketing as a hobby; but my business model of choice is what I call for-profit philanthropy. Most of the information I give away for free, in hopes that some may buy a more detailed approach. Either way, it’s cool.
  • Although I do talk about earning online, I do not earn money in my sleep.
  • I am not a millionaire :) and there is a difference between having a million dollars in your bank account and having a millionaire lifestyle.
  • I wrote my first article back in 2000, a cover story for SPIDER Magazine (a Pakistani national IT magazine). Since then, my articles have the seen the light of print on topics such as current affairs, business and IT.
  • I have had the pleasure of being mentioned and/or interviewed in publications such as The Friday Times, WIRED, BBC and local news channels.
  • This blog won the Best Business Blog award at the second annual Pakistani blog awards, held at Karachi by PCWorld.
  • Since the rebirth of this blog in March 2011, the blog currently (March 2012) has subscribers from 40+ different countries.
  • The LifeETC Community – meaning the subscribers of this blog – is the only blog community in Pakistan that actually held a physical meetup. Everyone enjoyed, learned, met entrepreneurs, made friends and we plan to do this often. Read more about it here.
  • By God’s Grace, I believe in God’s Grace. :)

People have said some nice things about this blog – LifeETC by Momekh – and my articles.

For example:

Faisal Kapadia, a writer from Karachi, writes in The Friday Times:

[Business is] A subject I happen to know a little bit about other than star wars, a business blog has to discuss stratagems on varied subjects and Momekh does that like a yoda, enough said.

Like it, I do. You Faisal, I thank. :)

Michał Roki, from Warsaw, had this to say:

Hi, I wouldn’t want to waste Your time, so first things first – great, great thanks for what you’re doing – You and Pat from Smart Passive Income are definitely the two most inspiring guys in the self development [and] online earning niche. You’ve got a lot in common in my opinion – your emphasis on ethics for example – it’s unique, it’s important, inspiring and it makes Your writing my top reference material. After reading a lot of online material (free and paid), I found Your first 1000 dollars ebook the best starting point for someone fresh in online income niche.

Niall Doherty, a world-traveller if there ever was one, emailed to tell me:

Loving what you do, man. Don’t change a thing.

To see some more testimonials, you can see this page.

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This blog is named in appreciation of a book by the name Life, Etc: Advice for the Real World by Charley Swayne.

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