The well connected hard worker

Tell me if you know someone like this: doesn’t work that much, just enough. But the “higher ups” are friends with him, they like him. He gets the promotion.

Or you know a hard-worker, who does great work, but he doesn’t know the “right people”, so no one seems to notice his work. You feel that his work is under-appreciated.

The hard worker without connections, or an average worker with more connections: who will have a better chance of reaching their goals?

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The Milk Distribution Case Study is now Live!

After weeks upon weeks of writing, the case study is now ready!


Click here to read the sales page (and if you can find this useful, I hope you will buy this).

I started my own milk brand here in Lahore back in the early 2000’s, when the “dairy farming revolution” was nowhere in sight. That enterprise was successful from the first month.


And like most things with me, it started with a cup of tea.

You can check out the sales page of the case study by clicking here.

I have also included a sample chapter that you can download for free (and you’ll know more about that fateful cup of tea!). :)

No Breaks

And one mistake I am not going to make here is to “take a break”. There are no breaks. This is a ritual for me: show up and write. As I have talked previously, showing up and consistency can go a long, long way. God willing.

I wish you the best.

P.S. If you know someone who can find the case study useful, please feel free to forward him/her this message. And if you’re in a University and would like to teach the contents of this case study, we can talk. Thank you & God bless.

The New Language of Starting A Business

He was leaving the next day and I hadn’t visited him yet. The night before his flight back to San Franscisco, I joined him at his aunt’s house for dinner. My family and his family were there. Sitting around the dinner table. His mother wanted him married, he joked about the wrong age. You know how extended family dinners go. I asked him what he was doing back in the land of Silicon Valley. The answer hardly was surprising.

“I am working in this startup,” he said, “making apps for mobile.”
“Oh, I see,” I said, “so what is your role there?”
A slight pause. I noticed it because I was looking for it. Then he said, “I am in Marketing”.
“Ahaan,” I said, “and what do you market there?”
He pulled out his iPhone, showed me the game his startup has developed.
“We are right now working with This&That publisher, and we are publishing their books as apps,” he said and handed me the phone to check it out.
“So this is a good channel for you to keep the revenue streams solid, right?” I asked.
“Yes, yes. This keeps us afloat while we work out our new product.”
“You mean your MVP?”
He raised an eyebrow, “yes, our MVP is ready.”
“Where exactly are you in the startup phase?” I asked between mouthfuls.
“Near the end,” he said, “the business model is ready for scale.”
“Are you guys funded yet?”
“Yes. First round. Angel basically.”
“Nice. So tell me,” I lowered my voice so prying ears won’t hear this, “you really aren’t in Marketing, what do you do in the startup?”
He smiled, “customer interviews mostly”.


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Are You a Bad Entrepreneur?

I got an email from a reader who wanted to start a project that he was really passionate about. But he did not have the money to start.

He asked me if he can get a loan. In fact he asked me if I knew from where he can get a loan; he was clear that a business loan will help him start his business.

Loans make you a Bad Entrepreneur
Is Taking a Loan the Right Way to Start a Business?

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3 Things to Do Before You Start Your Hobby Business

How do you take your hobby and turn it into a business?

start a hobby business
Focus on your profitable hobby business

We have small cake business here in Lahore. I started this with my partner* last year in September. That business is a classic case-study on how to start a business based on the hobby of cooking.

Looking closer, I have found that the following 3 factors are the primary lessons from this. I hope they help you in starting your own hobby-based business:

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