Keep learning. Keep improving.

Beginner’s Luck is the ultimate mistress, always there to seduce me into thinking I am good enough. You try something for the first time, and you surprise yourself. The first time I let go of the arrow, it hits the bullseye. The first time I send in an article to a national publication, it gets […]

I am writing this perched over a makeshift work place: a table in front of a bed. I am in Islamabad right now, for the Social Media Summit 2014 that took place at the Serena Hotel. The event lasted two days. I couldn’t make it for the first day: I was happily busy hosting Paul […]

Journey of a thousand miles… Someone somewhere is baking a cake for the first time. The cake comes out OK: it’s eatable. But it tastes funny. On a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the best and one being the worst, the cake is hovering between minus 3 and minus 2. A few slices […]

There are three ways to look at our work. Either we think it’s a job, it’s a career, or we think it is our calling. And at least one of these categories is very, very bad for us (no prizes for guessing which one though). +++ There was a study done by Dr Amy Wrzesniewski, […]

Recently we talked about identifying our job. We also saw how we can ritualize the work: show up everyday for our job. My job is to write. To design. To solve problems. Not necessarily in that order. I do it every day. I must. That’s my decision. I have also outlined the following articles and […]