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Entrepreneurship is shifting of resources to make them more efficient. And the purpose of any enterprise is to give you freedom. Read the articles under the category of entrepreneurship to (hopefully) get the inspiration to start (and/or refine) your journey towards financial freedom.

At the dairy farm, sometime last year

I Sold a Farm Why I sold the profitable dairy farm

Let’s start from the start. By God’s Grace, I started the farm as part of an extension for a bigger operation, and I wrote an article on the blog, sharing all the details about the dairy farm, reasons for starting it and the common pitfalls I encountered. A lot of people found that article helpful […]


7 Non-Sleazy Ways to Sell Your Product or Service

Some back story: Selling to Friends I just came back from yet another “cup of coffee” with a friend — which is what it sounds like but can also qualify as a sales call. I am working on a new project: a product that helps people become independent publishers. The idea is to remove all […]


That Fateful Cup of Tea

The following is taken from the Milk Distribution Case Study, a detailed breakdown of how one can start their own small milk brand. Read more about that here. +++ 200 kilometers away from home, my Mehran parked under the shade, I watch as the tractor pulled away. The trolley being pulled by the tractor is filled with […]

Women who work What women in Pakistan need

Got a call yesterday. A gentleman from Sahiwal. Introduced himself. Then he told me about her niece. “Her dream has been to start a dairy farm!” he chuckled. “But Khan sahib, she reads your blog and has a question, can you please talk to her?” Sure. Then he gave the phone to his niece. She […]

The First LifeETC Local Meetup. In Lahore

These are all people who are doing something and now want to do something more! Add more adventures, more awesome into their lives. The scale of what you are doing doesn’t matter: one runs a site with 25,000+ paying members, one has the largest selling design in an international marketplace. One is a swim coach, […]