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Pakistan Flood Relief 2014 donate now please

Flooding in Pakistan 2014 – How You Can Help

It is a very strange feeling, knowing that there is a group of people out there, waiting for you to take action. If you do not take action, they may sleep hungry tonight. If you do not take action, their 3 year old daughter may not get the medical treatment that can cure her. Is that group really […]


Acknowledgments and Your Invisible Team

I am re-re-re-reading The Lean Startup as I am preparing a workshop on business growth. I noticed the Acknowledgments section which I had of course seen before, but haven’t read read it. Then I took out my pen and listed the people Eric Ries acknowledges. About 5 institutions are mentioned and another three groups are […]


Some Thoughts (and one Rule) on Giving Advice

Why is it that others think they can tell you how to live your life? Or how to run your business? Or how to really break your fast during Ramzaan? Or how the way I’m combing my hair is not the best way to go about it!? It can – and does – get irritating, […]

Quote by Rumi on every mortal tasting death but not everyone tasting life

Reader Question: How to Get More Out of Life

I got the following email from a reader of this blog: Assalam-o-Alaikum Momekh, I am female and I am from Pakistan and working as SSE (senior software engineer) in one of the software houses of Pakistan. I am working since 7 years. These days I am really struggling to find out the things that really […]

LifeETC Momekh Meetup

It is time to meet

We are organising the second annual LifeETC meetup. This is a short reminder to register early. The event is expected to take place in Feb, 2013. In Lahore. More details and signup is available at   Last year the seats went out fast, and I had to move the event to a larger hall. […]