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Disruptive Wonder What Kelli Anderson is About

Kelli Anderson is an artist. She gave this TEDx talk and right at the beginning, she tells the audience what is the purpose of her work: People arrive at experiences with expectations. And when we make things we are actively choosing what to do with those expectations. In my work I want to create disruptive wonder, I […]


7 Non-Sleazy Ways to Sell Your Product or Service

Some back story: Selling to Friends I just came back from yet another “cup of coffee” with a friend — which is what it sounds like but can also qualify as a sales call. I am working on a new project: a product that helps people become independent publishers. The idea is to remove all […]

How to get your article published

How to Get Your Articles Published

This is a “how to” story. It’s a story because I will tell you how I got my first ever article published in a national print magazine! I have been published in the largest circulating magazine (at the time) in Pakistan, and also in the largest blog/site (at the time) in whole wide universe. These […]

Blog as a Business

How to Start a Blog as a Business

You will know what it takes to start a blog as a business because I will show you the real side of blogging. I have been at it for about a year now and have found some key points that differentiate a successful blog from a not-so-successful one. Yes, you can make a lot of money […]

social media marketing

Are you making these 5 Critical Social Media mistakes?

Social Media is what the Internet has become. From housewives (and househusbands!) earning substantial monthly incomes to multinational corporations finding new markets, Social Media has really given everyone a level playing field. You can build your business, your repute and influence using Social Media. But like so many other players in the Social Media scene, […]