Business Focus

Little car trouble + laziness = big car trouble. That’s a given.  You can learn a thing or two about finding focus for your enterprise because as the following story illustrates, a focused business may be the only ticket to success that an entrepreneur requires. 

I remember reading about people who have already done what I wanted to do. Reading about it gave me the confidence that “if they can do it, then I can do it too!” There are a lot of ‘make money’ lists out there. This one is different and hopefully more useful because I have actually […]

Opportunities are rare. You must pounce on them the moment they show up. That’s what it is all about. You know what they say: “opportunity knocks but once” Do not be fooled people, because more often than not, these type of quotes are used to get you in line, to get you to conform and […]

You already know what spam is. It is not fish and it clutters everything up. One can not do enough to stop this Billion dollar ‘industry’ run by con men and what have you. And thanks to spamming, you and your company may get written off as a spammer. I had this happen to me […]