How to Get Ideas

Ideas can change everything. A little neuron firing in your head and you are a different person, living a different life, climbing higher mountains and making better friends.

But what do you do when you don’t have any new ideas? Or the ideas that you have are not good enough?

how to get ideas

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Sitting Still

For a lot of people, meditation is when you do nothing. I think they miss the point. Meditation is stillness. It is allowing the torrid rain of thought to fall unhindered. To test and to find purpose.

Ideas are generated, nurtured and destroyed. All authority is challenged, questioned. A deeper meaning is explored. The resolve is tested and retested. It is the ultimate equipment test. The training of the mind.

You can imagine the little flick of the finger, testing the “ting” of your thoughts.

To some, this may feel like doing nothing. But there is a difference between doing nothing and being still.


Reflection is sacred.

From the Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him spending days alone in the cave of Hira – and this was before he was bestowed Prophethood – to seemingly eternal respect humanity pays to the one who takes the time out to reflect, there is ample reason to seriously consider “alone-time”.

The rain that never stops is the world we live in. Step in the shade to see how drenched you really have become. Being alone, doing nothing else, forces you to start thinking. And like a small spark that grows into the roaring fires, that is all that is needed.


I have been unplugged for almost a month. I did not tell anyone. I have not called anyone, have only received calls. I have not posted a single post – only this one. I plan on doing this every Ramadan. One month every year where I just unplug. Use this one month to “train” for the next eleven.

By God’s Grace, there has been no emergency, no situation that demanded my presence. Not even my input. It is both refreshing and humbling. I am insignificant. The insignificance is liberating. Makes sense.

I like to think that I am ready for the next year. For the first time in my life, I am focusing on just showing up. I am reminding myself to not over-think it this time, to not over-analyse, to realize the difference between planning and doing.

Planning is playful creativity, doing is unquestioning routine. The middle ground is where the magic happens. I intend to be the magician.

I will be seeing you often, on this blog or elsewhere, God willing. I hope you too find liberation. I hope you too find stillness. The calm is magical, for it promises a storm.  Abraa-ca-dabraa.

On Money, Communities and This Thing Called Life

Blank book - rewrite your life


  1. If you can’t answer, “where exactly will I spend this money”, then that money is not worth working for.
  2. Try to trade the value you create for money (being self employed), instead of trading your time for money (doing a job).
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One Tool I can’t recommend enough


You will know how easy it is to back up all your important data, survive any hard disk crashes, any data loss because I am going to tell you the one tool that is not only easy to use, but is free!

I have tons of files on my computer that pass off as important. From Photoshop files to spreadsheets to articles I am working on, these files are important for my work flow.

But what if my computer goes bust? What if I lose all of my files? What if a power fluctuation takes out the hard disk drive of my computer, what then? All my work, just – phuff – gone!

Scary stuff. But the last time my hard disk crashed out, I bought a new one, installed the softwares and went to work. I had immediate access to all of my files. Thanks to Dropbox.

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This Blog is in a competition and Your vote counts!

Best Business Blog PakistanThis blog right here is nominated in the Best Business Blog category at the Pakistan Blog Awards. But it will only win if you head over and caste your vote!

It will hardly take a minute of your time! Head over to this website and rate it from 5 possible stars.

The Awards are nation wide and sponsored by companies such as Google, YouTube, Nokia and Dell!

I am hoping you have found some of the content on this blog to be useful. And I am further hoping that you would vote for this blog.

Thank you and JazaakAllah.


While filing for the Awards nomination, the organizers asked why they think my blog should win. I told them that:

  1. The blog has a very vibrant and varied community of people – readers and subscribers – that number more than 650!
  2. The blog has a free 70-page eBook on earning your first 1,000 dollars via Affiliate Marketing (downloaded more than 200 times, and counting!)
  3. The blog has a post on dairy farming that has over 150 comments and is being photocopied and distributed to would-be dairy farmers.
  4. This blog has subscribers from almost 30 different countries!

But for me – and I told them that – the biggest reason is the kind of heartfelt comments and feedback from my subscribers that I get.

I have people writing to me from Mozambique and presumably, my posts are part of dinner conversations in Peru!

I don’t know, but knowing that you’ve helped people, even in the slightest of ways, have inspired them, even in the slightest of way, is just too good a reason!

And the blog – in its current form – is not even a year old.

I just want to thank you, the reader, for allowing me to make these connections, to learn and to be able to inspire. Totally Awesome. aik dumm fit. Thanks.

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