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Tell me if you know someone like this: doesn’t work that much, just enough. But the “higher ups” are friends with him, they like him. He gets the promotion. Or you know a hard-worker, who does great work, but he doesn’t know the “right people”, so no one seems to notice his work. You feel […]

I am writing this perched over a makeshift work place: a table in front of a bed. I am in Islamabad right now, for the Social Media Summit 2014 that took place at the Serena Hotel. The event lasted two days. I couldn’t make it for the first day: I was happily busy hosting Paul […]

I recently had a discussion with Yasir Nisar over a cup of warm tea and hot samosas. Yes, tea and samosa. Yasir is a professional photographer here in Pakistan. His pictures can sell upwards of 50,000 rupees each. Each. His calendar for the next few months, by his own admission, is packed with client work. […]

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I had just arrived in Islamabad via Daewoo, and the old friend who came to pick me up was having car trouble. The car’s headlights were just not functioning, and it was getting dark. We assumed the problem to be the simplest: a fuse had shorted and a simple replacement would do it. So we […]


I am re-re-re-reading The Lean Startup as I am preparing a workshop on business growth. I noticed the Acknowledgments section which I had of course seen before, but haven’t read read it. Then I took out my pen and listed the people Eric Ries acknowledges. About 5 institutions are mentioned and another three groups are […]