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The Firday Refresh: May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th *gulp* Getting Results Ok, so here’s this man, you probably have heard of him. He was an American politician. He: failed at business at the ripe age of twenty one. ran for politics and was defeated, at the still-ripe age of twenty two. tried and failed again at business at the age […]

Is This what Your God wants?

As the drama right after Salman Taseer’s murder unfolded on GeoTV here, I tried to explain to Akhtar (the servant watching the TV with me), how this Qadri has tried to punish a supposed blasphemer (as of course, nothing Mr Taseer said could be put within the realm of blasphemy). I tried to explain to […]

Thinking about thinking

It is quite a sorry situation to be in, when all you’ve got to do is think about thinking. Thinking about God, because He just has to be there. It makes more sense that way. If you still fall for the elitist ‘religion is opium for the masses’ crap, then that’s your ego getting in […]

An Idea Sir Jee! Reduce Poverty Through Livestock

The idea to reduce poverty through self-employment is of course not a new one. You would not be alone to think that a good idea on poverty reduction methods would be a good start. But you’d be wrong. There is no dearth of ideas, and if you can put away your bag of cynicism and […]

Zardari’s Twitter Account

No, he doesn’t have one. And if he does, he has not been public about it. Obama set the standards for using the new media in a Political context to its fullest. Facebook account, Youtube account, Twitter account and what have you… everywhere you saw a Obama presence. But that was before he got elected […]