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Flooding in Pakistan 2014 – How You Can Help

It is a very strange feeling, knowing that there is a group of people out there, waiting for you to take action. If you do not take action, they may sleep hungry tonight. If you do not take action, their 3 year old daughter may not get the medical treatment that can cure her. Is that group really […]

Sit in at Islamabad. Called Azadi Dharna.

“Undecided” should not be an option

In hindsight, a lot of decision are easy to make. All sorts of decisions. “Of course I would have chosen the religion I have now.” “Of course slavery was bad!” “Of course imperialism was unjust!” “Of course Madiba was wise!” # “Of course Iqbal was not a heretic!” # “Of course the political movement was […]

Is everything really that awesome?

The Habits of Highly Boring and Mediocre People

The path to a risk-free, boring, mediocre life in these easy steps: Always have something to complain about. Look for faults in others. In fact, consider “fault finding” a part of your job! Accept whatever you are told without asking for “verifiable” sources. Tell others what you have accepted and say it with enough conviction […]


7 Non-Sleazy Ways to Sell Your Product or Service

Some back story: Selling to Friends I just came back from yet another “cup of coffee” with a friend — which is what it sounds like but can also qualify as a sales call. I am working on a new project: a product that helps people become independent publishers. The idea is to remove all […]

And you thought the struggle was over?

In 1947, sixty seven years ago today on the 14th of August, negotiations finally worked in favor of those who wanted independence. Today is the Independence Day of Pakistan. But independence comes at a price. Freedom always brings with it the responsibilities. To reclaim my freedom, I must pay the price. To be independent, I […]