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Spam. No Spam.

You already know what spam is. It is not fish and it clutters everything up. One can not do enough to stop this Billion dollar ‘industry’ run by con men and what have you. And thanks to spamming, you and your company may get written off as a spammer. I had this happen to me […]

Understanding Blogstarta

I’m a blogstarta, make no mistake. I love blogging and have been at it since the day it was born. Literally. I have been blogging since the time John C. Dvorak called blogging the best thing since CD ROM. And www.blogstarta.com is the perfect domain name for shop that helps outs bloggers. Blogstarta is the […]

Hosting and the whole truth and nothing but!

I already pay through my nose for the Mosso master hosting account (USD 100 per month) that I use as a part of package deals for my website and blogging clients. I decided to check out Bluehost not because I wanted to change my host, but in an effort to get more information so I […]

Blogging for a living

Blogging for a living is nothing new and a lot of people are doing it full time to support themselves and their families. Some bloggers do make it big. And It is nothing different than writing for a living. Whosoever have tried to make a living as a writer will vouch for the fact that […]

Making money through blogging

An inspiration for sure. A not-so-regular guy, still a teenager, is making more than you – you being anyone working for someone else. All of it through writing about what he likes. Welcome to blogging, friends.  Check out the exceptionally simple, hence successful blog at http://sizlopedia.com/  If you are even remotely interested in the world […]