Spam. No Spam.

You already know what spam is. It is not fish and it clutters everything up. One can not do enough to stop this Billion dollar ‘industry’ run by con men and what have you. And thanks to spamming, you and your company may get written off as a spammer.

I had this happen to me recently.

On Twitter, I searched for ‘blogging’ in hope to reach the right people who can use Blogstarta. I know, I know – there is a thin line between spamming and selling (compare it to you walking into a store to buy a perfume bottle, or a guy walking up to you while you sit in your car to try to sell you deodorant). Well, I found a tweet that begged for a reply. That’s how I saw it, as the way to start ‘a conversation’. You know, how ‘brands’ should start a ‘conversation’ with their ‘potential’ customers and the whole shebang? Well, here’s how the ‘conversation’ went:

And to this tweet, I replied (as @blogstarta)

See? A relevant comment. It is directly addressing the person and is specific to the theme of the original content. I was sure I had made an interesting point. Till…

The guy thinks that I am spam bot. A mighty smart spam bot if I say so myself. Although the comment makes sense, as agreed upon by the person, he still links it to spam. That in itself is proof as to how difficult it is to be authentic. That is the keyword here, being authentic. Being real. If your company, your personality and/or your brand is too polished, it may come off as something doctored, something ‘made up’, something like the Spice Girls or the Backstreet Boys, a formula cooked up in a board room of full of spammers and scammers.

So I played it as ‘real’ as I could, and I told the person that I am not a ‘mechanical turk’ but a real person. A few tweets exchanged and it worked…

…but the point remains, “be authentic”. In fact, a more important point is that not many people would say it like the person did, and not many technologies are available like Twitter that can let you know what is being said about you.

You be authentic by not trying to be authentic, how about that for a paradoxical type of statement!? But that is how it is. Being authentic demands that you change your attitude, your ‘core’ to reflect via your interactions and outlook. If you try to brush up your outlook only, you will sooner or later get caught. Then you will be a spammer.

Understanding Blogstarta

I’m a blogstarta, make no mistake.

I love blogging and have been at it since the day it was born. Literally. I have been blogging since the time John C. Dvorak called blogging the best thing since CD ROM.

And is the perfect domain name for shop that helps outs bloggers.

Blogstarta is the answer that I have found to all the blogging related questions that I have faced over the past years. It is a small shop that I have set up to meet the needs for pretty much anyone who is willing to start blogging.

A person who is new to blogging would probably start off at one of the free hosting services, like (or if the person is really new and knows nothing, then πŸ™‚ ). That is the first mistake they’d make. The best thing to do is get your own domain name and hosting. Given that these come very cheap nowadays, anywhere between USD 4 per month to USD 15 per month, here’s how a blogger should justify this cost; it is a hobby, hello?!!? You’d spend that much on a cup of coffee, so it is only wise to chip in 10 bucks per month to your blogging. The benefits of having a self-hosted blog as compared to hosting a website that someone else controls (like or are many, but all things said and done, you’d need a domain name and hosting.

When you get the hosting and domain, you’d then need to set up your blog. This involves uploading the WordPress files onto the root of your hosting, and then installing WordPress. There are a few other things involved in this, like setting up the permalinks, setting up some basic categories and choosing the right theme for your blog. With Blogstarta, all of this gets ‘outsourced’ by the blogger to Blogstarta. Blogstarta does this for the blogger and makes the whole blogging thingΒ  less intimidating.

After the blog has been set up, courtesy Blogstarta, the best thing I think a blogger could want is some sort of support, on things like how to do stuff with their WordPress install, how to tweak that theme, how to improve their blogging skills etc etc. This support bit is what really sets Blogstarta apart. I have set up the best-in-the-business Help Desk to support Blogstarta customers. This support will be separate from the support the hosting company will provide, and will really help the blogger out in setting a path for him or herself. God willing.

I am currently making a small video/screencast of how to sign up for Blogstarta and what Blogstarta offers. But the Blogstarta website is ready to take orders. If there are any questions, let me know in the comments section below – all suggestions are welcome.

Hosting and the whole truth and nothing but!

I already pay through my nose for the Mosso master hosting account (USD 100 per month) that I use as a part of package deals for my website and blogging clients. I decided to check out Bluehost not because I wanted to change my host, but in an effort to get more information so I can present more options to my clients (current and prospective). I was looking to sign up for their affiliate program (I eventually did).

One oddity that I found while signing up for the affiliate program was that although the account will be sold for USD 6.95 per month, the affiliate on making a sale would get somewhere in the range of 8 to 9 times more. What the? And then I read that they have one of the best affiliate programs on the web! No shit! You pay 6.95 to Bluehost through me, and I get 9 times more than that? I was obviously missing something here, so I opened up thier live sales chat window, and the conversation went something like this:

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Blogging for a living

Blogging for a living is nothing new and a lot of people are doing it full time to support themselves and their families. Some bloggers do make it big. And It is nothing different than writing for a living. Whosoever have tried to make a living as a writer will vouch for the fact that it is not at all easy. Same goes for blogging.

The media for writing and blogging are sometimes worlds apart. But they are essentially connected being the creative expression that they both use. If one can find success in, say, writing for print, then that person has a higher chance of finding glory (and money) in blogging as well. Why? Well, because whosoever is proactive enough to make writing work for him or her, can do the same for blogging as well.

This brings me to the point that being proactive is essential. Taking action is what separates the ones that made it from the ones that ‘had a good run’. Take action, step back and evaluate, adjust and take action again. Rinse and repeat. Heck, just repeat. πŸ™‚

Some resources (read: inspiration) from the bloggers who made it (read: are loaded! πŸ™‚ )

Are you a person who would like to earn money with blogging? Do you blog at all? Let me know in the comments section πŸ™‚

As I write this, a small focused company is being born πŸ™‚ that caters to the blogging needs of to-be-bloggers and writers. Offering highly robust and reliable hosting combined with some nifty design services, the service will be officially launched on the first of December, God willing. For the unravelling of Levi’s of the Blogging gold-rush, subscribe. πŸ˜›

Making money through blogging

An inspiration for sure. A not-so-regular guy, still a teenager, is making more than you – you being anyone working for someone else. All of it through writing about what he likes. Welcome to blogging, friends.Β 

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