Opportunity Knocks, but Exactly How Many Times?


Opportunities are rare. You must pounce on them the moment they show up. That’s what it is all about. You know what they say:

“opportunity knocks but once”

Do not be fooled people, because more often than not, these type of quotes are used to get you in line, to get you to conform and to get you to do what others want from you.

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Where to…

From here, to where?

God. Keep me. 

Next time you reach a crossroads, stop worrying about where you are going to go. Take one metaphorical step back and savor the situation. You stand at a place where you always stand at, but this time you know that have to decide. This knowledge, relish it. It has a certain taste to it like nothing else. 

You can complain all you want about the lack of choices, unless of course you get the options then you miss the simplicity of life. It is easy if you know black from the gray. All of us know black from white, knowing the either from the grays is what made you realize that you are at juncture in the first place.

And as decisions go, they become easier when you know where you want to go. I believe Alice, in Alice in Wonderland, was faced with a similar situation:

‘Which road should I take?’ 

‘But where do you want to go?’

‘I do not know’

‘Then it does not matter which road you take’.

Make your decision count to yourself.