From the heart

The first job I got, in as a webmaster, was a case of ‘being hired before the interview’.

My friend had his family friends over for a social visit and during the conversation, his family friend mentioned that he was starting an online portal, and was looking for a writer cum webmaster, to do up the content of the website (the portal being a content-based website). My friend asked him,

‘what about hiring the guy who wrote that?’

pointing towards the cover of that month’s Spider Magazine. Lo and behold, yours truly had one of his articles as the cover story for that month’s Spider magazine, the number one IT magazine in Pakistan. The guy told my friend to ask me if I’d be interested. I was interested, not because I was getting five thousand rupees a month for showing up for two hours, five days a week, but because the job was what I loved doing anyways. Internet, technology, writing, creating, doing new things, all in one!

I have a direct interest in marketing and of the two jobs that I have ever taken, the other one was as a copywriter. This is sometime in 2001. The owner of the then up and coming ad agency Blaze called me up, introduced himself and told me that he is looking for a copywriter. I was in college at the time, and the idea of an employer ‘cold-calling’ me for a job was exciting in itself – and the field of advertising was something I had always liked.

I went there for the interview – I remember making the interview on time although I was on a motorbike and Lahore was going through the stormy season. The soon-to-be boss was visibly impressed by my drenched clothes as I walked into his office.

He told me that he has already hired me, as I come strongly recommended by his friend. This ‘his friend’ knew me  from my previous job that I had taken, as a webmaster for, a startup Pakistani portal. His friend had told him that I was good (nice!) and warned him that I am not a ‘normal’ employee (nicer!).

I was hired before I walked in the room, and stayed with the ad agency for the first six months of its inception, learning a lot and enjoying the company. I left to ‘do my own thing’, with the boss telling me to come back any time.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the difference between doing what you love or just looking for a job. If you are not doing what you love to do, then what the hell are you working towards?

Is not your interests worth at least an effort to get involved in it in one way or the other? Go. Go. Go.

An opportunity that must not be missed

I recently subscribed to the daily Business Recorder newspaper (a Pakistani national paper), in an attempt to get the latest in business news that help someone like me. I found the newspaper more than dismal as I, being an entrepreneur, and working in the (very) small and medium industry, did not find the newspaper as helpful as I’d hoped. I am not much concerned with the affect of stock markets on the national economy, nor the implications of some legislation on the country-wide situation on the availability of sugar. I wanted something more local and more concrete, something that talks directly to someone who qualifies as an entrepreneur (I found out quite later into the game that I am an entrepreneur actually). I am sure that there are many others out there in Lahore itself. I want my blog to represent this gap, and be a resource for the Pakistani entrepreneur. Of course, entrepreneurship being an attitude (definitions coming soon God willing), many of the subsequent posts on this blog will equally be ‘talking to’ any entrepreneur in any part of the world.

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4 FREE Online Tools that you SHOULD be using in ANY business

This post is about 4 tools available online that you SHOULD be  using. The tools are essentially free (some charge you to go for premium accounts, but you can easily get by with the free versions as long as you are just starting out – and aren’t we all just starting out?)

Also, note, these tools will help you individually, to manage your next entrepreneurial bout with your market. These tools will not only cut costs, but give your an edge and will directly influence your personal work flow (and as you are an entrepreneur, your personal work flow sometimes is your business work flow).

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Going solo in Pakistan

Freelancing in Pakistan is something that is very much underrated because it is very much misunderstood.

As per definition of the word itself, a ‘freelancer’ is one who:

… sells services to employers without a long-term commitment to any of them

To be a freelancer, you don’t need a degree. Starting from the PKR 300 per day mazdoor to PKR 15,000 per day consultant, a lot of people are making some serious amounts of money with freelancing.

But how many of us want to go the freelancing route but just don’t?

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Being scared is easy, just try something new.

I have been scared.  A lot. I never thought I could do that I just did do. I tried. But I did it only because what I attempted was easy, just like everything is once you’ve done it. But before that, it seems so worthy, so magnificent, so meaningful, so difficult – like everything worthy does.

Never though I’d contribute towards my first song that will see the air of play :). Never though I’d earn from a set of businesses, never thought I’d get to call myself a consultant, never thought I’d have a home office and I never thought I’d achieve my life goal that I had in college, before my life was over. All this and more. Scary stuff, all of it, but only when I hadn’t done it. Allah has created us, after all, so outdoing ourselves is not that big a deal. But only when the deal is done, not before. Before that, it is scary time.

And right now, I am scared.