Things Are Changing

I was at my dairy farm a few days back. I was needed to make a few executive decisions, given most of the decision are delegated to the farm manager.

A vet from Nestle was visiting my small farm, and I met up with him to discuss further improvements. He told me that he now gives my example to other dairy farmers, and then he told me that he considers my farm as one of the best-maintained in his region (covering the district of Pakpatan).

This was excellent news, Alhumdulillah.

And at night, as I was trying to sleep (and failing), I logged in to see my Clickbank stats (earnings from my affiliate sites) and reply to a few emails that I receive regarding this blog.

Then it hit me. Hard.

I love what I do.

And no matter how much you have paid for your education, no matter how big a business you are running and no matter how much money you are making as an employee or employer, loving what you do, relishing the work part of your life so it becomes play, is what this is all about.

And I realized that I wanted to share this with you. To the hundreds who have somehow connected with me via my blog.

Where Are We Going?

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