Google keywords tag may not be the only tag that is ‘dissed’

Matt Cutts again reconfirmed what many webmasters knew for some time now:


Webmasters would stuff the keywords tag with spam keywords to ‘game’ the search engines to retrieve spam pages against your search query (how many of you landed on pages showing Britney Spears when you were searching for Spear Chucking? I, for the life of me, wouldn’t know why you would search for Spear Chucking, but I’m just sayin’ 😉 )

Google figured this out years ago. So did Microsoft (Live/Bing). But Yahoo was probably the last to drop this keywords tag. (So, what else Yahoo did wrong? tsk)

The keywords tag is pretty much useless. Tsk The keywords tag is utterly useless and a waste of any webmaster’s time and energy.

What about the Title tag?

This is one thing that I still can not understand, the totally improper use of the Title in Google Chrome. At first, I thought that the title tag is probably also on its way out and Google will not be using the title tag to retrieve relevant search results. I am still confused as to why the Title of the tabs is mismanaged: You open a large number of tabs on the browser and the Title on the pages start shrinking out, eventually being completely ineligible. The user’s complete inability to look at the web page’s title is one thing I noticed in Google Chrome when it came out (I posted the ‘chrome bug report’ on 7/Sep/08). That problem is very much there in the new Chrome. Still.


And it does sometime gets not only annoying, but embarrassing too; I wouldn’t want my wife staring silently at my computer’s screen, while the screen has something like the following:


So, Matt Cutts or whoever from Google ever gets to see this, please let me know why the Title tag gets mistreated. (And also, please confirm that Google doesn’t plan to diversify into other not-so-technical industries :/ – I would love to show your confirmation to my wife, for example)

Note to webmasters: to get a clearer picture, it never hurts to see Google’s own set of rules. Do see the useful support page on meta tags (click here)