Hosting and the whole truth and nothing but!

I already pay through my nose for the Mosso master hosting account (USD 100 per month) that I use as a part of package deals for my website and blogging clients. I decided to check out Bluehost not because I wanted to change my host, but in an effort to get more information so I can present more options to my clients (current and prospective). I was looking to sign up for their affiliate program (I eventually did).

One oddity that I found while signing up for the affiliate program was that although the account will be sold for USD 6.95 per month, the affiliate on making a sale would get somewhere in the range of 8 to 9 times more. What the? And then I read that they have one of the best affiliate programs on the web! No shit! You pay 6.95 to Bluehost through me, and I get 9 times more than that? I was obviously missing something here, so I opened up thier live sales chat window, and the conversation went something like this:

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The right choice?

This post relates to one of my enterprises that offers getting-online solutions forĀ  Small businesses worldwide.

Google is a remarkable company. When I decided to include Google Apps setup in the small business email package that I am in the process of selling, I had a few things in mind:

  • remarkable companies do not only make great products. They also keep improving them.
  • the improvements of remarkable products is based largly on user feedback. In fact, it is this user-centeredness that makes any product (or company) truly remarkable.
  • the reason the product is put out in the marketplace is to make money, no doubt, but truly remarkable companies (and their products) tend to focus more on servicing their customers to the best of their understanding and ability. The profits are rightly considered to be a function of their service. The company does not service them to make a profit, it seems, but it makes a profit because it serves the market so bloody well.

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