Life online

My computer packed up again, thanks to continous fluctuation of my PC. Windows OS can not take so many restarts it seems. 

With two UPS’s back-to-back, I only wonder how people without UPS’s can think of doing business online; yes, UPS was and is a requirement, a cost that must be incurred. Still, I got to the stage of fluctuations taking out my main PC. 

But one thing very interesting happened:

I have been using Google Apps for most of my documentation work, most of my pictures were either uploaded to Picasa, Facebook, Flickr. A blue-screened PC sets me back a few weeks at least, but it seems, not this time around. 

Thanks to putting a lot more online, using dependable companies like Google and Mosso to manage my data, the transition has been less painful. 

Yes, there is this bitch problem of installing a total of 23 programs or so that I have a list for (note, I have had to install them quite a few times in the last couple of months!). Being clever, I installed Adobe apps like Photoshop on a separate partition.

Not so clever after all.

When I reinstalled WinXP SP3, I saw the data along with the Program Files folder lying calmly in the other partition. Happy I was. Only to find out that Photoshop is not running; it opens but is not entertaining my requests to open a single file even. 

I tried to re-install Adobe Creative suite, but got the following error:

The application failed to initialize properly – (0xc0000006)

I am getting fond of sqaure one, it is so empty and cold and nice. Akkhh. :@