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Use Me

From a marketing perspective, the “USE ME” sign on waste baskets around the world, is a magnificent piece of copywriting. Much like the ‘Got Milk?’ campaign, but only non sponsored and adapted in the gazillion or so countries in the world. You will be allowed to think that the Use Me tagline has been wasted. […]

Presenting yourself

By God’s Grace, I have been able to get along with presentations quite successfully. Since I first started giving them at college (PICS, now UCP), I have been on the top of this game. So much so that during college, I actually intended to write a book titled presenting for your college courses. And for […]

Bended Truth

All marketers are liars. Well not really. Even an average marketer will never lie. Why? Because it is bad for business, that is why. So what do they do? They bend the truth. Put another way, they present the truth in digestible forms. I also believe that is the best way forward; to present the […]