The Pull of Work

I have been paying attention to my hobbies lately. This has seen me work like never before.

Productivity Report
My Month-to-Date Work Report – thanks to RescueTime

For the very first time in my life, I have worked at one thing for this long. It is paying dividends in terms of happiness (for happiness is found only in progress), and I am hoping that it will pay other dividends in terms of profits (the hobby-to-business process). Alhumdulillah.

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4 FREE Online Tools that you SHOULD be using in ANY business

This post is about 4 tools available online that you SHOULD be  using. The tools are essentially free (some charge you to go for premium accounts, but you can easily get by with the free versions as long as you are just starting out – and aren’t we all just starting out?)

Also, note, these tools will help you individually, to manage your next entrepreneurial bout with your market. These tools will not only cut costs, but give your an edge and will directly influence your personal work flow (and as you are an entrepreneur, your personal work flow sometimes is your business work flow).

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