Force Majeure: It is the easiest escape route, you as an individual and as an entrepreneur can take. Blame it on ‘superior’ forces. (Quickly, read the first paragraph on Wikipedia on Force Majeure – it’s alright to not know – now go, quickly, click here :P) When I first started in agriculture, the land I […]

Because we have different definitions of easy, firstly, and we really do not know our own selves. To find that something is easy or not, is relative a lot of variables. Picking up a glass of water is considered easy, but if you are tied down or that glass of water is 1000′s of miles […]

The first job I got, in as a webmaster, was a case of ‘being hired before the interview’. My friend had his family friends over for a social visit and during the conversation, his family friend mentioned that he was starting an online portal, and was looking for a writer cum webmaster, to do […]

Strangely, I have installed the damn operating system more than 5 times in the last thirty days. Not that the Win XP SP3 is possibly the most stable OS by Windows, but because I have had to do it so many times over. Well nothing strange as such about it; like I mentioned on my […]