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 پاکستان میں کاروبار، انٹرنیٹ کا بہترین استعمال اور تخلیقی ہنر کو بڑھانے کے لیے ورک شاپ اور کورسس

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I will Create a Website for You

I will Create a Website for You

Do you want me to create a WordPress website for you? If you want to get your website designed by me, then you can select from three of the following introductory packages. Introductory Website Design packages - click for full details I designed my first website in...

Can You Help me this Ramzan (2019)? ☆★ WANT TO ENGAGE FURTHER? ★☆ Join our WhatsApp Group for DonationDrive  Join MomekhName the Newsletter via Facebook Messenger Each packet of ration contains the following items, 10kg atta5kg rice3 kg...

Education or Politics

The end goal is not happiness, let's start from there. In an effort to be happy, you realize that happiness is a fickle goal. An unworthy goal. Happiness is just too fleeting an emotion to peg your goals around. The pursuit of happiness (great movie though), really...

15 Minutes, 46 Books

15 Minutes, 46 Books

A business is usually easier to define: anything that creates a client is a business (I didn't even know this definition of business, I thought a business was having a registered name on your NTN, a logo and a business card). But what is a profession? And what to do...

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